my favorite running gear for summer

Ah yes, the humid, sweaty, steamy, wet, muggy runs of summer, how I missed you. Seriously, I’m much more of a hot weather runner than I am a cold weather runner. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll definitely complain when my shirt is soaked after the warmup, but I love hot weather running so much more than cold weather running.

With that, I thought this would be a great time to talk about some of my favorite running gear for the summer – that is, the clothes and all that I’m most comfortable in when it’s this sticky outside. The goal is to have the lightest material that doesn’t hold on to sweat (it pains me inside when I have to throw a sports bra away because no amount of detergent can save the odor) and of course still look cute and feel confident.

Note: I do get commission from some of these links, not all though…support your girl ha!


The shoes never change – they stay the same no matter the season, elements, location or anything like that. I’ve been running in the Hoka One One Bondi 6 for about two years now, and my bones have never been happier. These shoes tend to hold up for about four to six months, depending on how much mileage I do (between 20 and 40 miles a week). Six months is pushing it but I’ve made it and been fine. I highly recommend these shoes to anyone, whether you’re a distance runner or not! The support is awesome for anyone.

Lululemon Shorts

The Lululemon Hotty Hot Long Shorts are probably my favorite running shorts ever. They’re long enough that they cover everything but also not too long that I feel uncomfortable or anything. They’re super breathable – I just wish they were high rise, but I know online only they do have some high rise options starting to come to the market. I love the little zip pocket on the side for your car or house key, and they stand time very well (like, years and years). They’re comfortable for running, walking, lifting, or even hanging around. The only thing I don’t wear them for are cycling classes because I prefer leggings there. But, like most Lululemon clothes, they don’t hold on to the sweat smell which is awesome!

Split Shorts

This might be a weird runner thing, but split shorts are also great for the summer because of how breathable and light they are. Yes, I even buy mens shorts sometimes too. I don’t feel constricted like I do with spandex sometimes, and everything that needs to be covered is covered. The only downfall is you can’t do much besides running in them because of the split-ness of the shorts, things can get exposed if you know what I mean.

Lululemon Energy Bra

Again, another Lululemon great that doesn’t smell bad after a few sweaty workouts. I love the Energy Bra because it still has that iconic Lulu criss-cross pattern on the back, but it also has a little support too, which is great for high-impact workouts. The Energy Long Line Bra is another great one because it covers up a little bit more.

Muscle Tees

Okay, I’m such a frat boy, I know…but come on, muscle tees are great! They’re so loose and airy and when you don’t feel like working out in just a sports bra, they allow for similar air flow without restricting you or making you sweat too much from a cotton shirt or a fitted shirt. You can buy them or just cut up some old t-shirts (very cost-effective too).

What do you like wearing when you run? Are you team spandex or team loose shorts? Sports bra or shirt? Let me know, and let me know where you like to go shopping for your workout gear too!



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