travel guide: Newport, RI day trip

Happy Monday everyone! Today, I’m bringing a totally new post to you – a travel guide! Most of my posts are about my life, lessons learned, school, work and mainly working out and health-related topics. However, this weekend, my mom, my brother and I took a day trip to Newport, RI and I felt inspired to share it all with you. Honestly though, I’m so excited to share because it was my first trip since quarantine started!

Getting out of the house, safely of course, is so good for your mental health, that’s no surprise. But it was really nice to be in a different scene (with a mask and hands washed of course) and do something different from my day-to-day activity. Of course, I had a midterm due the next day that I stressed about when I got home, but nonetheless I enjoyed myself. We hit a little traffic on the drive up, and it was a cloudy day, but we got to eat at a restaurant and smell the ocean air and go to my favorite store, The Black Dog, so nothing could rain on my parade!

When we arrived, we walked around the wharf for a bit and saw the boats, did some sightseeing of the waterfront and counted how many dogs we could find before sitting down to eat at The Black Pearl. I had an Aperol Spritz (my favorite drink) and a lobster salad (which is just so much better in New England than anywhere else).

After eating, we walked up and down a few streets, took a few more pictures, went in a few more stores and had some ice cream at Ben and Jerry’s!

After these adventures, it started getting dark, so we took a drive down to Ocean Drive and drove by the water, saw Jackie O’s house and drove by the Newport Mansions. All in all, we saw 43 dogs, ate great food and had a lot of great laughs. A great day trip for sure!

What are some of your favorite places to go for a day trip? How are you having adventures during quarantine?



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