travel guide: cape cod, ma

This past week, I had the pleasure of taking some down time and going to Cape Cod with my family. Originally, when we began discussing plans for vacation, I was a bit hesitant to go. Between school and just starting a new job, and being stuck with the same people I’ve been stuck with since March, I didn’t know how excited I was about this trip. But once we got there and I got to unplug for a little bit, I realized how badly this trip was needed. It’s been an emotional year, between a death in the family and unemployment, to moving and saying goodbye to my friends and the city I came to call home, to the never-ending quarantine.

I was out running one morning and stopped at the beach and realized just how great this trip was, and I wanted to share it with you all! I broke it down by day as opposed to category, to give a full perspective on the trip. Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever been to the Cape, what your favorite things are out there and what other posts you want to see! Thanks to everyone who’s been submitting ideas to me, your thought is well-received and in my queue!


Saturday morning started with a workout at home in Connecticut before hitting the road to head to Cape Cod. We stayed in Eastham, Mass. in an adorable little house right in the middle of everything! On the drive up, my mom and I stopped at Marylou’s for some coffee and it is…dare I say…the best coffee I’ve ever had? The beans are flavored, I had Cinnamon Hazelnut, and on the way home I had Vanilla Hazelnut. I also dabbled in my mom’s Banana Nut Bread.

Once we got to our house, we unpacked and went to The Beachcomber for dinner and watched the sunset. Great food, great vibes and great views.


Sunday morning I ran to the bay with Ryan – a nice six miles to start the day. Then we went to the beach and cooked in the sun before heading to dinner at The Wicked Oyster, where I had a delicious salmon meal.


Monday started with another run and a HIIT class (thanks to Julie Ferrer’s recordings…these are killer!). Then we went back to the beach as I had the day off of work. The seals came so close to shore and I captured a few photos and videos of them! Thankfully no sharks came that close to us. Ryan and I went in the water, that was 60 degrees and yes, gave me frostbite, to try and touch a seal but we had no such luck.

Dinner that night was Arnold’s, where I had a lobster salad. After dinner we went to Ben and Jerry’s for some dairy-free cookie dough ice cream for me!


Tuesday morning was another run followed by another HIIT workout. I worked Tuesday morning, then took the day off to go back to the beach for the afternoon. It ended up being the last sunny day so I’m glad I got a bit more tanning time in! Dinner that night was takeout from Brickhouse Grill, as I had class that night. Overall, not as exciting as previous days but hey, that’s life.


Wednesday I had to work the whole day, but that didn’t stop me from getting in my fill of the beach! Mom and I went to watch the sunrise before heading back home. It ended up being a cloudy day, so everyone kind of laid low for the day and got some work done. Dinner that night was La Bella Vita in Orleans – I had the salmon special and a few Aperol Spritz’s!


Thursday it unfortunately rained and was overcast almost the whole day as well. This led us to take an afternoon trip to Provincetown, Mass. I was pretty tired from running every day with no break, so I took a few long walks before and after our trip. While up there, we went in a few shops, had some ice cream and watched the water. Dinner that night was at the Local Break, pretty casual but I had a great Buddha Bowl with shrimp, and of course some rosé!


The last day of vacation is always such a bummer. We got up and went to Viv’s Kitchen and Juice Bar for some smoothies and açaí bowls, then went to the beach to close out the week. Some clouds rolled in late afternoon, so we all went home to relax before dinner. Ryan and I had a fun, adventuresome 7 mile run to the Salt Marsh along the Cape Cod Rail Trail. Dinner that night was at Van Rensselaer’s in Wellfleet, where I had a tuna steak with veggies, and a few more Aperol Spritz’s.


Honestly, nothing exciting here. We drove home and made great time, got to see Coco then had some delicious Mexican food from a local, Tequila Mockingbird. Sunday, I got to go to SoulCycle, which after a week without it, felt awesome!



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