letsrunamegathon…one year later!

Happy birthday to me! Letsrunamegathon.com is now one year old! Technically, my first post was on Aug. 27, 2019, but I had the idea and probably bought the URL and started designing a bit before that. Plus, who doesn’t love a week-long birthday celebration?!

When I started this blog, I honestly thought it would be kind of like every other content platform I’ve thrown my hand into – I’ve had multiple blogs in the past that I flop on after six months, and I even had a stint as a vlogger (yes, my YouTube channel is still up and yes, I laugh at my own videos too). I’ve always loved creating content, whether it be photos, videos, stories or blog posts, or anything in between, and I always gravitate back toward it after one of my attempts goes awry. Although this site had a shaky start, I’m proud to say that one year later I’ve stuck with it.

One year later, I’m also sitting in a very different position than I was when I started this website. This started in the Starbucks in Georgetown, and quickly moved to the Lauinger Library on Georgetown’s campus when I lost internet at Starbucks. I had just gone to orientation for my master’s program, had an internship in D.C. and was loving every second of life. I spent my weekends at museums and touring the city on foot, my nights spent in the library mulling over my readings and homework, my early mornings at SoulCycle followed quickly by a shower and heading into the office and my free time trying to catch some sleep. It was a crazy schedule, but I wouldn’t do it any other way.

To be sitting in Connecticut while writing this, in a room that wasn’t even my childhood bedroom because that went to my brother when I moved out, is definitely a surprise, and in some ways a disappointment. I had always said that no matter what, I’d never end up back here. I’ve also always said that life has a funny way of working out, and I’m sure God sat up in heaven laughing at me knowing just six months later I’d be back and the world would get flipped upside down. I can continue to talk about my disappointment no longer living in my dream city, yanked out less than a year in, and I can continue to complain about my struggles finding a place to live on my own up here thanks to the skyrocketing Connecticut real estate prices…but what good would that do? Everyone already knows this isn’t my favorite place to be, and everyone knows I’m having a hard time with the adjustment.

But everyone’s having a hard time adjusting to so many different things right now.

And my complaining and negativity every day won’t make the pandemic go away and won’t plop me back in D.C., so the bare minimum I can do is find the positives.

That’s how I’ve grown this past year, and that’s how this blog has developed me into the person I am now. Looking back, I would write a post and as I re-read it and edited, I sounded awful. I sounded so miserable and ungrateful, and that’s not the energy I’m trying to put out into the universe. There’s already so much negativity and complaining, why add to it? Reading my thoughts before ejecting them into the universe forced me to stop and think about what I was contributing, and if it would help or harm anyone. The version of me that started this website would still be sulking in her “bedroom” in Connecticut, wishing things were 110% my way.

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned through this past year has been that you truly are the captain of your own ship. The ship can be sinking, the storm can be brewing, but if you take it upon yourself to rise up and out of the storm and save the sinking ship, then you will. There’s already so much negativity in the world, how can we expect things to change if we keep adding fuel to the fire?

As I’ve posted blogs, stories, reflections, pictures and more, I’ve seen the small impact of adding more sunshine to the world. I’ve had people tell me a workout post on Instagram before a crazy day of school or after a stressful day of work because it makes me feel good, has inspired them to find what makes their body feel good. I’ve had people tell me they never thought they could run more than a mile that are now running 10K’s because I talked about my injury experience and starting small. I’ve had people tell me a quote I shared on Instagram changed their outlook, a story I shared gave them inspiration, a product improved their life, or a post just simply made them smile. I may not be curing coronavirus, but I think I am helping to cure the chronic negativity that goes around.

This blog made me realize there’s so much more to life than complaining about a small inconvenience in my day. I am one speck in the greater universe, and the world will keep spinning no matter what I do or what happens to me. Coming back to Connecticut may have felt like the end of the world but it wasn’t. If the sun is going to continue to come up each morning and set each night, why not enjoy everything in between?

One year ago, where were you? Where were you mentally? How have you grown? How do you wish you could have grown? What could you do to hold yourself accountable to be in a better position a year from now?

Thank you, to everyone who has read, shared, liked, commented, followed, laughed, given feedback and recommendations and merely just reached out to me about a post this past year. I love fostering a little community of readers and friends, and look forward to many more years of sharing what life’s like when you’re running a megathon.



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