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Wake me up, when September ends…literally! Looking at all that’s going on this month, I already can’t wait for it to be over! Another month down in quarantine, and things are staying super hectic. Between work, school, trying to find an apartment and other responsibilities, I’m definitely passing the days. I hope you’re all doing well and finding ways to pass the time as well.

Even though the past month has been busy, I still found time to enjoy the little things, and have some to share with you as well. I hope you enjoy some of my favorite products this past month and the things that brought me lots of joy! What have you been loving recently?


The Woman in the Window by AJ Finn, soon to be a movie! Photo courtesy of Amazon

Unfortunately, I only read one book this month…that’s how you know things have been busy! I had been enjoying my cadence of a book a week, and I kept that up the first week of August. However, the second week we went to Cape Cod and I didn’t read at all. I enjoyed the beach naps and walks, and then I got back and had finals for school followed by a busy work week. The one book I did read, The Woman in the Window by AJ Finn, was INCREDIBLE and if I could only read one book, I’m glad it was this one.

I’m about halfway through The Perfect Stranger by Megan Miranda, so hopefully I can give a better book update next month, and include this one.


The Skinny Confidential: Episode #290 (Aug 25): Amelia Gray Hamlin On Overcoming An Eating Disorder, Social Pressures, RHOBH, Modeling, & Life On Her Own Terms

The Skinny Confidential: Episode #287 (Aug 11): Ben Greenfield Pt. 2 On Gut Health, Inflammation, Immune System Boosting, Better Sex, Chronobiology, & Psychedelics

The Skinny Confidential: Episode #285 (Aug 4): Heather McDonald Has The Juicy Scoop

The Ed Mylett Show (Aug 26): Diversity: The Key to Wealth – w/ Ed Mylett

The Ed Mylett Show (Aug 4): A Second Chance at Life – w/ Maria Menounos

MOOD With Lauren Elizabeth: #41 (Aug 5): The Skinny Confidential Talks Productivity & Being a Boss

MOOD With Lauren Elizabeth: #42 (Aug 12): “SHOULD-ING” all over yourself – are you doing it & how we stop…

MaddzTaddz Beyond The Bike: Episode 36 (Aug 17): Stay for the Magic


So this month was the Nordstrom sale, and although I wasn’t able to snag the pair of booties I wanted before they sold out, I did get a new pair of sneakers which I am loving! The Nike AirMax 270 are great gym shoes (think HIIT workouts, elliptical, lifting, etc.) and I highly recommend to anyone. I even went on a short two mile walk in them and felt great!

Keeping on the shoe trend, I’ve had a few occasions this month where I got to wear something beyond leggings and sweatshirts, which I have been loving. I miss my heels, and my favorite pair that I got to wipe the dust off of were these Vince Camuto Quilted Mule Sandals. They’re very comfy to walk in and elevated all my outfits to such a classy level.

Outside of fashion and style, this month I was approached to be a Mary Ruth’s partner and got to try their Vitamin D3 and B12 gummies. The gummies taste great and I definitely noticed a positive change in my mood and bone health. This month, I am trying the Biotin gummies, and look forward to that opportunity. I love Mary Ruth’s products, so I’m sure I’ll love these as well.


Outside of tangible products, taking a trip and leaving the house we’ve been stuck in for the past few months felt so nice. Even though we weren’t running all over town and going out every night, just the change in scenery was so nice to have. If you have the chance to get away for a few days, I highly recommend. It did my mental health wonders.

What have you been enjoying this month? Did you try anything from last month that you loved? Share with me, I love engaging with you all!



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