a week of workouts – fall semester edition

Two weeks ago I did a poll on my Instagram story asking if you guys would rather see a full day of eating or a week of workouts – and a full day of eating won, but just barely. SO in order to keep ALL my fans happy, this week I’m doing a week of workouts. I did a similar post like this earlier this year, but with gyms and boutiques open, things have changed a bit!

I’m definitely not running as much as I was a year ago, or even six months ago. I’m not pushing my body to be a “runner” in the NCAA sense anymore, and I think it’s going well so far. I had a few doctor’s appointments this summer where I learned my body responds better with less mileage and more variety of workouts. Too much pounding and mileage really hurts my bones, and I don’t really want to spend my twenties with stress fractures and scoliosis. It does suck looking at my Apple Watch and seeing my VO2 and my average mile go down, but I feel a bit better and energized listening to what my body wants. All that to say, my fitness is changing, some days I’m okay with that and some days I’m not, but ultimately I’m just happy SoulCycle is open 😉

Monday, Sept. 21

After taking my first rest day of 2020 yesterday (seriously, I have not taken a day off of working out and lied in bed…every day this year I’ve gotten outside and/or done some sort of run, bike ride, lift, hike, cross train, etc.), my body is feeling great so I hit it hard today! I started my day with a 20 minute warmup on the elliptical, followed by a killer hamstring lift from Margo Maxwell. In the afternoon, I went for a 4.2 mile run through the hills of my neighborhood, at a pace that actually surprised me quite a bit!

Tuesday, Sept. 22

My hammies are seriously feeling it today…like to the point where I’m wondering how I’m gonna do anything today…I went to a SoulCycle class bright and early in the morning, as it was a busy day of work and class. In between logging off of work and logging on to school, I took Coco for a quick one-mile walk (quick as in we squeezed it in, not the pace HA). I was hoping to get a shakeout in after class but man I’m just too sore…

Wednesday, Sept. 23

Julie Ferrer did a live Zoom HIIT class this morning, so I did 25-ish minutes on the stationary bike to warmup before joining this 45 minute class from my garage. It’s definitely a good feeling to get different types of workouts in and work my body in a different way. After work, I went for a 4.1 mile run and felt surprisingly good considering how sore I still am and how hilly the course was!

Thursday, Sept. 24

I’m finally starting to move my hamstrings again…so of course I had to hit it hard today! Before work, I went to the gym and did a short 15-minute elliptical warmup, followed by a back and shoulder lift from Margo Maxwell (her lifts are just so good!). After work, I went to a Drake v. Kendrick Lamar themed SoulCycle class which I was so excited to do! Definitely felt more like a dance party than a workout, but that’s good!

Friday, Sept. 25

I am just so exhausted this morning! I guess I went too hard in class last night! So I slept in this morning and got some much needed Z’s, and just went straight to work when I woke up. After work, I did a 10K run along with some core and general strength. I tried to take the run a bit slower so it felt like a recovery.

Saturday, Sept. 26

Saturday’s are always my favorite workout day of the week, and have been for years. I’ve always been a big proponent of taking Friday’s pretty easy so I could go hard on Saturday’s. In high school it was typically big track workouts or invitational meets, in college it was long run day and now post college, it ranges from long run day to SoulCycle Survivor day. During the spring and summer, I tend to take advantage of the nicer weather and do long runs, but as it starts getting colder, I go for the SoulCycle Survivor classes, and that’s just what I did today. My plan was to lift or do a shakeout later today but this just totally knocked me out so that didn’t happen! I did get lunch with a friend and walk around downtown with him a bit, so I guess I worked my soul a bit more!

Sunday, Sept. 27

Keeping with my theme of harder weekend workouts, I did a SoulCycle double today. I took an 11:15 and 1:15 class and felt so strong after! It’s always intimidating thinking about doing back-to-back classes, especially after a harder workout week, but I feel so strong and confident after, so it’s totally worth it! Later in the day, I took Coco for another walk and she went 1.4 miles – a big day for her too!

What are some of your favorite workouts? Have you been back in workout classes or the gym? Let me know below!



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