September favorites

October…October?! This year is both dragging and zooming at the same time! I have a prescription that I receive a few months of at a time and I remember the last time it was filled, counting out when I would need to re-fill and the pharmacist said, “It will be re-filled in October.” I thought to myself, “Wow, that’s a long time away!” And here I am, going to get that prescription re-filled.

In other news, I’m sharing my favorites from the past month. My for-fun reading slowed down considerably this month, which is sad. I didn’t even read a single book…I’ve been stuck on the same one since August! It’s a mix of I haven’t been hooked yet and school has been kicking my butt this month. However, I have been driving a lot, oddly enough, so my podcast recommendations are immaculate, if I do say so myself. Take a read and enjoy!


The Ed Mylett Show (Sept. 15): A Fight for America Part 1: The Trump Campaign – w/ Donald Trump Jr.

The Ed Mylett Show (Sept. 22): A Fight for America Part 2: The Biden Campaign – w/ Andrew Yang

The Ed Mylett Show (Sept. 8): Protect Your Purpose – w/ Jay Shetty

The Skinny Confidential: Episode #293 (Sept. 8): The Future Of Birth Control, Sex, & Hormones With Evofem Biosciences CEO, Saundra Pelletier

The Skinny Confidential: Episode #296 (Sept. 22): Cancel Culture, Empathy, Understanding, & Forgiveness With Creative Activist Dom Roberts

MOOD With Lauren Elizabeth: #48 (Sept. 23): Celebrity Mood Boosters & Building a Social Media Empire with Comments By Celebs!

MOOD With Lauren Elizabeth: #46 (Sept. 9): Navigating Friendships & Boundaries in your 20’s plus Therapy Advice!

MaddzTaddz Beyond The Bike: Episode 42 (Sept. 28): Supersize It


I love fall and cooler weather because it means I can start being snuggly and cozy. It’s so hard to snuggle like a burrito when its 90 degrees outside. SO on that note…I’ve been loving pulling out my sweaters and sweatshirts and most importantly, my Ugg slippers. I got them in yellow, obviously, and I really feel like a queen in my house in them. Some of my favorite sweaters are this one from Aritzia that I got this year and this one that I got last year – both super soft, super warm and great pieces that can be dressed up or down and great for wearing around the house.

I’ve also been loving my Carbon38 workout sets, especially the Takara Shine set. I got it in the black crocodile print and I’m already planning what color I’m going to get next. It held up so well in SoulCycle and the best part is I can wear the leggings with a sweater and boots as a cute outfit for dinner or drinks or shopping (someday…). I felt so confident and got so many compliments. Sometimes you just need to put on a bad-ass workout outfit and feel yourself, it makes the workout 10 times better. You can use my code “MEGANRUL” to get a discount on your Takara Shine set (it fits true to size, I’m a small in the sports bra and leggings!).

My last product is a food product, the La Colombe Brazilian Cold Brew. I was totally influenced by Maggie Macdonald and WOW it’s so good! I pour it over ice, add some almond milk and sprinkle cinnamon on top and it is immaculate.


Like I said, I’ve been loving the cooler weather. It’s so refreshing to go for a run and feel the breeze and see the pretty colors of the trees and smell pumpkin and eat honey crisp apples…ahhhh. Bring on the cooler weather, I’m so ready! Oh, and I’ve been loving SoulCycle at night, oddly enough. I like waking up and going for an easy mileage run to start my day and then doing SoulCycle at night to work the anxieties of the day off, it’s honestly the best form of self care for myself.

I got my hair cut and colored this month, for the first time in almost a year and a half. Again, self care is so important so I encourage you to go out and do something for yourself too, if you are able to. A boost of confidence is always nice, as well as no longer losing clumps of hair every day.

What have you been loving this month? What are you looking forward to in October?



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