six fall fashion trends and staples I’m loving

I’ve said it before and I’ve said it again – fall and winter fashion are truly superior. There’s so many more options with what you can wear, how you can dress, accessories you can add, neutrals and colors and patterns and textures galore. However, I’m not really a “trendy” dresser and prefer to stick to classics. Here are my six favorite fall (and can be carried over to winter) trends and staples I’m loving, and probably will love for a long, long time.

Leather Pants

Okay, so even before these got trendy, I loved leather pants but was always afraid of looking like Ross when he bought his leather pants and was sweating and couldn’t get them back on…

Here’s the clip

I am loving that these are so in style. I have three pairs! I have leather leggings that are fleece lined, leather joggers and brown leather trousers. I also have leather workout leggings and then leather jackets as well. The leather pants style is such a great way to elevate an outfit because its so basic and goes with so much, but adds such a great pop. They can be dressed up with heels and a blouse or dressed down with a sweater and boots or even more casual with sneakers and a sweatshirt – just so versatile and so worth it to have multiple pairs!

Edgy Ankle Booties

I’ve always been more of a bootie person rather than a riding boot person. I had maybe two pairs of riding boots in my whole life…my feeling is if they’re gonna be tall boots, they might as well be over the knee which I think is cuter. But booties are so great because they can be worn with literally everything. Tall boots can’t be worn with certain trousers or dresses without looking weird. I especially love ankle booties that have something spicy about them, like gems or spikes. I had a studded Topshop pair for the longest time and finally wore them down, so I got this pair with studs and pearls for this year. I also have a plain black chunky bootie, a white bootie and a brown bootie that are both great basics that last through the seasons and all the trends that come and go.

Mini Skirts + Chunky Sweaters

This is where the girly side of me comes out…there’s nothing cuter or classier in my mind than a mini skirt with over the knee boots and a chunky sweater, or even ankle booties, plaid skirt, leather skirt, wool skirt…I love it all! I’m also a big sweater girl and love having a few options in neutral colors that can easily be matched with anything. Because I like plaid skirts a lot, I try to stick to neutral sweaters so they’re versatile and can be matched with a few different outfits.

Neutral Colors

I’m much more of a neutral than a colored person anyway, and I feel like the Grim Reaper in the summer-time when I repeatedly wear black and brown and white, while everyone else is wearing bright and pastel colors. Like I said before, having neutral colors makes it easier to mix and match pieces, as opposed to having a piece that you could only wear with that one pair of jeans or else you’d look like a farmer…you know? Neutrals are much more acceptable in the fall and winter anyway, which is why I love this time of year. Dark nails and black leather jackets with a black turtleneck? Sign me up!

Blazers and Coats

Ever since moving back to the northeast from Texas, I’ve had to up my coat game. First of all, in high school I HATED wearing coats! I thought they covered up my outfit and they were unnecessary. In addition to that, my high school didn’t have lockers (well, we did but mine was on the sixth floor of our building and I never had any classes remotely near there). So, wearing a coat in high school meant I had to carry it around with me all day, which when I was 16 years old, was my actual cross to bear. However, Texas made me a wimp and I need a coat if its below 75 degrees. BUT with that, I’ve learned to style coats and jackets with different outfits. I have a casual jacket, puffy gym jacket, dressy jacket, etc. I also love oversized blazers for when you want to cover your arms but don’t want a whole coat. Again, pieces that can be styled lots of ways are my favorites!

Matching Sweatsuits

It wouldn’t be a quarantine post without bringing up matching sweatsuits, or sweats in general. I’ve been finding that with the trend of fashion going toward more athleisure this year, matching sweat suits are coming back (thank you, Paris Hilton). They truly do make you look so much more put together than mis-matching sweats, and they’re so comfy. You already know I’m a big UGG person so adding in a matching sweatsuit? Comfy heaven.

What are some of your fall and winter staples? What season do you like dressing better for? Let me know in the comments below!



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