October favorites

Am I the only one that feels like this year is dragging but flying at the same time? I cannot believe its already November but I also cannot believe we’re still in 2020. I also feel like I say this every month, so enough of the ice breakers!

This past month has been a crazy one for sure! I moved to a new apartment which is very exciting, and definitely a big favorite for this month. Although I do miss my dog, and my parents paying for my groceries, I’m not too far away so I have a nice balance! I’m very grateful and very happy for where I’ve ended up, even though it’s definitely not where I thought I would be at this point in my life, for a good reason. So get ready for apartment content coming soon!

Moving Day!


The Ed Mylett Show (Oct. 6): Protect Your Peace. Overcome Your Past. – w/ Whitney Cummings

The Ed Mylett Show (Oct. 13): Rise in the Face of Adversity – w/ Les Brown

The Skinny Confidential: Episode #298 (Oct. 2): Alexandra Potora On The Secret To Success & The Key To Productivity

The Skinny Confidential: Episode #299 (Oct. 6): My Fair Junkie Amy Dresner On Sex Addiction, Drug Addiction, & The Road To Recovery

The Skinny Confidential: Episode #300 (Oct. 13): Joe Schilling, Professional MMA fighter & Champion On Free Thinking & Fighting For Your Life

The Skinny Confidential: Episode #302 (Oct. 20): Nick Vujicic On Overcoming Extreme Adversity, Depression, & How Our Hardships Can Become Our Strengths

MOOD With Lauren Elizabeth: #51 (Oct. 22): How I Plan But Also Live In The Present Moment

MaddzTaddz Beyond The Bike: Episode 44 (Oct. 13): Bench Warmer

MaddzTaddz Beyond The Bike: Episode 46 (Oct. 28): The Easy Button is Bullshit


Soooo the queen dropped a new album this month! She waited until the last second to do it, obviously so I could include it in my favorites post, duh! Ariana Grande’s album, Positions, has been on reply ever since it came out midnight Oct. 30. Does any other music matter this month? No, it does not.

Except Two Friends Big Booty Mix 18 also came out and also slaps, especially for those long runs, so we’ll count that too I guess.


My living room so far

Most of my favorites have been furniture/interior design related this month, but since the Sephora sale is going on, I’ll share some of my personal care favorites too! I also re-discovered my favorite black leggings as I unpacked this month, which are the Alo Lounge soft leggings, and I can’t stop wearing them. By far the best casual/non-workout leggings, and they’re warm too! My custom Nike Air Force One’s from One Twelves came this month as well, and I’ve been loving them for when I’m hanging out with friends or going out to eat or anything like that.

So, Sephora is doing their annual holiday sale, which is very exciting because makeup and self-care never goes on sale. I actually don’t need much but did re-stock on the Summer Fridays Jet Lag mask – it got really cool really quick, and I love using this at nighttime and as moisturizer when it gets into the 20’s and 30’s and my oily skin actually dries out for once. I was also running low on the moisturizer I use regularly from Drunk Elephant, and one of my night serums from Drunk Elephant as well. In addition, to these products, I also love the Drunk Elephant Hydra Serum and the Vitamin C Serum in the morning, along with the Virgin Marula drops at night mixed with the glycolic serum I actually bought. These are my holy grail skincare products for sure! The sale goes until Nov. 9 so make sure you act fast!

As for my apartment, I definitely am planning a more in-depth full-length post where I link everything and go into detail on how I decorated, but I do want to link some of my favorites here now. The piece I have hanging above my couch is probably my favorite thing in my whole apartment – its a piece from Vintage Barbie and Ken photos, called, “Who’s the Boss.” I bought a frame from Amazon, framed it myself and hung it up! So excited about this one, so I wanted to share the artist with you all as well, as there are many other photos to choose from.

I’ve also been loving my coffee table. Its very eclectic and adds some unexpected layers to the room, and I’m really liking how I styled it as well. I’ll be sure to link specific styling in the full apartment post, as I might change it up again too, but so far, I’m feeling very at home.


Both The Real Housewives of New York City and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills wrapped up last month, so I’ve been housewife-less which isn’t fun! I tried getting into The Real Housewives of Orange County but couldn’t connect to the cast the same way I could with RHONY and RHOBH. However, I do naturally keep my TV set to Bravo, and one day came across a Southern Charm marathon…needless to say I got hooked. Season Seven started this past Thursday so at least I have something to replace the empty hole in my heart from the end of RHONY this year.

Also, with it being fall, Trader Joe’s has brought back the frozen spaghetti squash with pumpkin-tomato sauce. This is by far one of my favorite dinners as its so easy to whip up. If you have a Trader Joe’s near you, make sure to stock up (but save some for me) because this product only comes out once a year!

What have you been loving this month? And what are you looking forward to in November?



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