hitting the home stretch

Hello, hello! After a much needed break, I am back and bloggier than ever. In all seriousness, over the past few weeks I’ve gotten very overwhelmed and needed to step back and prioritize deadlines and balance projects. The Thanksgiving holiday came at a perfect time and although we didn’t do much, it was nice to not have to log in and check emails or sit at the same desk all day.

I was definitely burnt out. School and work together is a lot to handle, and last Tuesday I broke down, which is normal and okay! It’s okay to feel frustrated and let out your emotions. I’m definitely the type of person who likes to bottle up my feelings and act like everything’s under control, but then I usually crack, as I did last week. I cried, ate some ice cream, called my mom, went to SoulCycle and slept a lot. And you know what? It helped, big time.

We’re all hitting home stretches – in school, in work, in the year, in projects – home stretches are inevitable and times are stressful. But life always works out, we’ve made it through 100 percent of our hardest days, all that good stuff is true! I’m sitting here writing this feeling much calmer and much more in control than I was a few days ago.

Sometimes, life is a balancing act. As I’ve gone through the past year and a half balancing grad school with various job roles, I’ve really seen that fact come to fruition. Learning to prioritize is important, and prioritizing yourself and your self care is important. Could I have used the time I spent eating ice cream on the phone with mom, or at SoulCycle, or sleeping, doing something else? Getting ahead on emails? Doing homework? Actually writing a blog post last week? Sure, but if I used every waking hour to be productive, I’d be scared of myself. That’s inhumane, and it’s natural to need a break along the way. Some days I feel like super woman, knocking things off my to-do list, and other days I spend more time watching the cars drive by my window than I do anything else.

As we all enter the homestretch of what has been for most, a difficult year, this is your reminder to take some time for yourself. Do what you need to do to breathe, to relax, to clear your head. Have that cry that you so desperately need, let it out! If someone walked in to my apartment last week they would have thought I was a basket case, but I let my emotions out and pulled myself together for this week. The home stretch is meant to be hard, just like in a race. When your legs are losing feeling and your lungs are burning, that’s when you push the most, and the feeling is so rewarding. You didn’t make it this far to only come this far. Keep your head up, take care of yourself, and come through the homestretch stronger than you started the race.

Here at letsrunamegathon.com, we believe in self-care, we believe in listening to our bodies and treating ourselves right. If your body is giving up and you feel like you’re on edge, listen to it! If you’re too tired to get out of bed for your workout, get that extra hour of sleep. If you’re not hungry, don’t force food. If you’re craving chicken nuggets for the third time today, eat the chicken nuggets. We’re all just human, and we’re all allowed to feel a range of emotions. That’s what makes life so beautiful. Feeling the lows means you get to feel the highs, as cheesy as it sounds. Get through the home stretch strong and put yourself first as we enter the last month of the year, it’ll be worth it.

On a quick separate note, maybe self care looks like focusing on what you put into or on your bodies. Goli Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies are on sale for 30 percent off right now with code “meganrule,” Nuzest protein powder is having a Cyber Monday sale with code “letsrunamegathon” and Carbon38 is 30 percent off the whole store, with Takara Shine’s up to 50 percent off with code “MEGANRUL.” Pay attention to what you put into your body, and treat yourself to a nice new outfit too đŸ™‚



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