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vegan protein banana bread

Last week, we had three super ripe, super brown bananas on the table…so you KNOW what I had to do with them! I’ve always been a big banana bread girl, so honestly I feel like I was ahead of the times when everyone started baking it during quarantine. However, I had to get creative and […]

a week of workouts – fall semester edition

Two weeks ago I did a poll on my Instagram story asking if you guys would rather see a full day of eating or a week of workouts – and a full day of eating won, but just barely. SO in order to keep ALL my fans happy, this week I’m doing a week of […]

a typical full day of eating

Happy Monday, and happy almost fall! I’m so excited – I thought I was a summer person but ever since I spent time in Texas, I’m realizing I really am much more of a fall/winter person. I love snuggling up and being cozy with blankets and sweaters and sweatpants, I love hot soup and chili, […]

vitamins + gut health!

Happy Wednesday and happy belated Labor Day! I hope everyone enjoyed the day off – I spent it catching up on emails and trying to get a bit ahead on homework for the week. I spent the weekend with my boyfriend and his family in Washington, D.C. which was quite nice as it was the […]

fitness tracking: what’s best for you?

Welcome to the wild, windy world of fitness tracking. There’s Fit Bit’s, Apple Watches, Whoop Bands and Garmin watches galore. Then there’s My Fitness Pal, Strava, the Apple Health app and Nike Training Club. Which one is right? Which one is the best bang for your buck? Which one will give the most accurate calories […]


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