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finding balance: intense vs active recovery workouts

Happy Monday, and happy new week everyone! I don’t know about you all, but last week was so insane, I really needed the weekend to recover! Daylight savings has hit me hard this year…I keep waking up at 5:30 a.m. naturally (even over the weekend) and by 4:30 p.m. I’m making my dinner. My body […]

nine pounds stronger

Like many people, over the past seven months, I’ve gained weight. Much to my dismay, between all the half-marathons I ran and Zoom workout classes and walks, I still gained weight. Nine pounds to be exact. I’ve never been one to be comfortable gaining weight; if it were completely up to me, I wouldn’t ever […]

vegan protein banana bread

Last week, we had three super ripe, super brown bananas on the table…so you KNOW what I had to do with them! I’ve always been a big banana bread girl, so honestly I feel like I was ahead of the times when everyone started baking it during quarantine. However, I had to get creative and […]

a week of workouts – fall semester edition

Two weeks ago I did a poll on my Instagram story asking if you guys would rather see a full day of eating or a week of workouts – and a full day of eating won, but just barely. SO in order to keep ALL my fans happy, this week I’m doing a week of […]

a typical full day of eating

Happy Monday, and happy almost fall! I’m so excited – I thought I was a summer person but ever since I spent time in Texas, I’m realizing I really am much more of a fall/winter person. I love snuggling up and being cozy with blankets and sweaters and sweatpants, I love hot soup and chili, […]


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