hitting the home stretch

Hello, hello! After a much needed break, I am back and bloggier than ever. In all seriousness, over the past few weeks I’ve gotten very overwhelmed and needed to step back and prioritize deadlines and balance projects. The Thanksgiving holiday came at a perfect time and although we didn’t do much, it was nice to […]

October favorites

Am I the only one that feels like this year is dragging but flying at the same time? I cannot believe its already November but I also cannot believe we’re still in 2020. I also feel like I say this every month, so enough of the ice breakers! This past month has been a crazy […]

September favorites

October…October?! This year is both dragging and zooming at the same time! I have a prescription that I receive a few months of at a time and I remember the last time it was filled, counting out when I would need to re-fill and the pharmacist said, “It will be re-filled in October.” I thought […]

hello from your younger self

The past few weeks have been very emotional, and I can’t quite put my finger on why that is. Last year, around this time, I struggled a lot watching all my Baylor friends go back while I had just moved to D.C. on my own, knowing no one. Now, I’m struggling because it’s the second […]

august favorites

*Note: I do get commission from these links and codes Wake me up, when September ends…literally! Looking at all that’s going on this month, I already can’t wait for it to be over! Another month down in quarantine, and things are staying super hectic. Between work, school, trying to find an apartment and other responsibilities, […]


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