September favorites

October…October?! This year is both dragging and zooming at the same time! I have a prescription that I receive a few months of at a time and I remember the last time it was filled, counting out when I would need to re-fill and the pharmacist said, “It will be re-filled in October.” I thought […]

hello from your younger self

The past few weeks have been very emotional, and I can’t quite put my finger on why that is. Last year, around this time, I struggled a lot watching all my Baylor friends go back while I had just moved to D.C. on my own, knowing no one. Now, I’m struggling because it’s the second […]

august favorites

*Note: I do get commission from these links and codes Wake me up, when September ends…literally! Looking at all that’s going on this month, I already can’t wait for it to be over! Another month down in quarantine, and things are staying super hectic. Between work, school, trying to find an apartment and other responsibilities, […]

letsrunamegathon…one year later!

Happy birthday to me! is now one year old! Technically, my first post was on Aug. 27, 2019, but I had the idea and probably bought the URL and started designing a bit before that. Plus, who doesn’t love a week-long birthday celebration?! When I started this blog, I honestly thought it would be […]

travel guide: cape cod, ma

This past week, I had the pleasure of taking some down time and going to Cape Cod with my family. Originally, when we began discussing plans for vacation, I was a bit hesitant to go. Between school and just starting a new job, and being stuck with the same people I’ve been stuck with since […]


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